Called to be Holy

Called to be Holy

1 Thessalonians 4:7-8

Big Idea #1
God’s way is Holiness not impurity
-be in control of your own body
-if you can control your own body you can live in holiness and honor
-if we don’t control our own body we live like those who don’t know God
Why don’t we control your own body?
-we admire those who don’t
-it is socially acceptable not to
-it is socially praised not to

Big Idea #2
Living impure is rejecting God
-we are not rejecting human rules
-we are rejecting Gods rules
-when we reject His rules, we reject Him
-His rules lead to joy and contentment

Big Idea #3
God’s Spirit gives you the ability live Holy
-Holiness is possible through God’s Spirit
-Being connected to God is the only way to contentment and joy
-We are not alone