Envision 2017

Envision 2017


We will be going on a Missions Trip to Clarkston, GA.  We will be interacting with refugees from all over the world.  We will take part in after school programs, construction, home visits and more.

The Cost


When is the Parent Meeting?

July 9

When do I need to register by?

April 30

When is my deposit do?

June 7

When do I need to be paid in full?

July 16

What paperwork do I need?

All the appropriate information will be collected when you register for this trip.  To register scroll up and click the register button.

Child Safety and Protection Video

Every participant going on the Envision trip must watch the “Keeping Children Safe” video.  It is 25 minutes long.  Once you register I will send the video to you.  The video talks about sensitive material so parents may want to view the video before showing it to their student.  Since we will most likely be working with refugee children this video is a requirement for this trip.

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