All Nighter

All Nighter

What is the cost for the All Nighter?


When is this all happening?

It is all going down on August 4.  The drop off time is Friday, August 12 at 7pm and the pick up time is 7am on Saturday, August 13.

What do I get for my $30?

Good question!  You get jump at SkyZone for 2 hours, open gym, inflatables, movie room, and more.

Do I need extra money?

Yes you do!  You will need money for snacks, SkyZone socks (if you don’t have any) and for food at Steak-n-Shake.

Do I need to fill out any forms?

Yes you do!  The All Nighter form can be found here and the SkyZone waiver can be found here. All students must fill out a new SkyZone waiver!

What else do I need?

You will need to bring a white or neon color shirt and your SkyZone socks if you have a pair!  You must have one to be in the building, so don’t leave home without one!!!

No Youth Group